What Is The Difference Between A Solution Provider And Managed Services In IT?

Many are those who confuse an IT solution provider with a managed services provider. Both are important in IT segment. The difference is: the IT managed service provider deals with monitoring and management of IT system. The system include servers, storage, and IT consulting philadelphia region even network. They work remotely or go to the business. They normally work under a long term contract. The IT solution provider is one who tends to provide a solution which will resolve a certain problem in the IT system, for instance CRM. They normally work under short term contract. They implement the solution but are not liable to the management of their solutions.

It is understandable why people would confuse the IT solution provider and IT manage service provider. They are both third parties who provide services in relation to IT infrastructure. The IT solution providers are suitable in a place that technology is not intensive for instance a bakery while an IT managed service provider will be needed in a place that they need technology intensively for instance, a bank. This is because they need a 24/7 efficient IT system and manage service provider can be able to provide such to the business. They are able to detect any occurrence that may lead to the IT failure and solve it immediately. If not, it may lead to business loss. Less intensive businesses rarely have an IT breakdown and if they do, it can be solved by the IT solution provider and go back to their normal business routine.

Another difference is most of the IT solution providers charge according to the problem and level of expertise needed hence one cannot predict their charges. They can decide to also charge on dependency of hours or days. The IT managed service provider have a flat monthly salary that one can be able to budget on.

After implementation the IT solution provider are done providing services to you. The management and monitoring is never their work and one cannot sue them after the implementation but for an IT managed service provider after the implementation they keep on monitoring if it is working efficiently.

The IT solution provider deals with the light IT needs for example updating software while the complex IT technicalities are left to the IT managed service provider and that is why an IT managed service provider can work for the small, medium and large companies. While the IT solution providers work for the small and medium businesses. If they work for large company is in case they need light IT needs.