Engagement Marketing for Managed Service Providers

IT services company in Toronto city like Teskostudio  services that is contracted outside the business process to another party. This is done on the basis of creating or controlling a situation by causing changes to happen rather than waiting for it to happen so as to respond. Managed services is an alternative of break/fix model. It helps in reducing cost and improving operations. The managed service provider is the person or the organization that is delivering managed services.

 Managed Service Providers

As a managed service provider you need to engage directly with your clients so as to invite and encourage them to participate in your services evolution. With the advancement in technology and increase in social media the only way that this can be managed is through engagement marketing. This is also referred to as experiential marketing or participation marketing. This type of marketing helps you involve the clients in provision of the service rather than viewing them as passive receivers of your services. This enhance a healthy relationship between the client, service provider and the service.

Managed services is all about the client. The clients wish is always the priority thus engagement marketing would do good for managed services provider for it is all about staying connected with your clients and in a way switching roles and taking the role of the recipient. You will agree with me that communication is the best way of creating trust with your clients. It is very true that these days it is very hard to talk to people through voice calls, you will either leave a voice message or completely not get in touch with them. And chances or people returning your call is very thin. Email and text messages are what is running the world.


For a managed service provider you need to know what it is that is keeping many people awake, what is the top trend that clients are tracking and what is going on in their mind? The only convenient way to learn this is by monitoring the social media. This is only possible through engagement marketing.


Another reason why you as a managed service provider should consider engagement marketing is because social media is a crowded and therefore MSP would find potential clients. This would also help in viral distribution of content or information through sharing platforms. You can also manage crisis through social media by detecting potential hazards which are started by negative reviews and comments. This can be done by clarifying fallacies and demonstrating one’s expertise. It also reduces workforce. For example if two clients are having similar questions you could answer them at a go.


If you are a managed service provider and have not yet considered engagement marketing it is high time you consider it for the success of your business and also evolution of your services. This can be easily done by start up a few accounts on social media, Facebook, emails, twitter and many more and keep updating these pages and make sure you respond to the clients. This way you will be engaging in participation marketing.